Making the Transportation Industry Safer With New Tech

You’ll often hear how improvements in technology make things faster or more efficient. As a business person, those are going to be ways that you can improve your bottom line in an economic sense. But, you can also look at improvements in technology as a function of safety. And, within the transportation industry, that safety factor brings in a lot of other positive benefits.

For the purpose of a business demonstration, consider a few different ways that the transportation industry has become safer with the onset of new forms of technology. Airplanes and airplane travel are safer than they have ever been. Cars or other vehicles on the road are equipped with modern technology that makes accidents far less likely. 

And on the high seas, new technology has made it safer than ever for people who are traveling either commercially or for pleasure. In all of these cases, new technology mixed with the transportation industry has created a benefit in a broad sense.

Safer Airplanes

New nitrogen generating systems for aircraft have made air travel that much safer. It is a classic example of new technology being created for broad application but then utilized in a specific one. Airplanes are also safer because of faster technology processing and better ways to allow pilots to make quicker decisions in times of emergency. Airplane safety has been at the forefront of the public’s attention because of a few missteps, but those missteps highlight against what otherwise has been an incredible leap forward over the last generation.

Safer Cars

With the advent of self-driving cars, safety on the road is going to be phenomenal when all of the pieces come together. The autonomous aspect of vehicles is one aspect, but then there are also high-tech safety features that are being installed on cars that are still manually driven. 

For example, people can buy cars, along with fleet gas cards, that have safety sensors all the way around them. The inside of the car will either warn you that you are too close to some other object, or they will even steer you away from the danger automatically.

Safer Ships

A final way that technology is helping in the transportation industry is when it comes to ships in the seas and on the oceans. In the past, the pollution that has come from certain types of boats has been astronomical. Now with new types of energy-efficient propulsion systems, ships are not only safer because of how they steer, but they are safer because they have drastically reduced the nasty emissions they put out into the air and the water. The shipping industry, in particular, has vast rooms for improvement, and technology is filling the gap.